Talent Representation.

With a wealth of experience, we possess an in-depth understanding of every facet of the industry. Our expertise spans talent brand development, television campaigns, tour and film support, awards campaigns, red-carpet events, and endorsement activation. We go beyond the surface to craft unique strategies that resonate with the essence of your brand, ensuring a meaningful and impactful presence in the industry. We guarantee that our secured industry invites leave a lasting impact on our clients. Acknowledging the varied spectrum of artists’ ventures—ranging from feature films and TV to published authors—we customize our strategies to seamlessly embrace the multifaceted nature of their pursuits.

Music & Live Events.

Specializing in the seamless execution of impactful music campaigns, we cater to both established and emerging talents. Our commitment is evident in the crafting of engaging promotions for artists and various live events. Navigating the music landscape with finesse, we handle everything from EP and album releases to singles, remixes, and feature releases. Our expertise extends to national and regional tour press, awards campaigns, industry events, and community outreach. Leveraging the power of social media, we strategically amplify your presence. Creative targeted opportunities are identified and capitalized upon to ensure your music not only resonates but also leaves a lasting impact.

Digital Talent & Influencers.

At the core of our enterprise is a cadre of trendsetting talent, each commanding a global online following. Our mission is to propel careers by immersing clients in key cultural conversations and creating evergreen content. Our adept ability to authentically connect traditional and digital media sets us apart, a testament to our unique expertise. From strategic press engagement to industry events, community outreach, and global media profile cultivation, we maximize brand recognition. Our comprehensive approach includes expert campaign management and facilitating media partnerships and brand deals. 

Awards Campaigns.

Heliotype Creative excels in crafting unique awards campaigns for film, television, and digital content. Leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and strong media ties, we design campaigns that not only resonate but outperform. Our goal is to capture industry attention by working to develop strategies that are not just for you but uniquely crafted for your image. Our result: a powerful narrative that sets you apart.

Author & Literary Publicity.

We collaborate with authors and publicity houses to bring each book to life. Whether you’re a debut author, indie publisher, or mass-market imprint, we are here to realize your dreams.