Music & Live Events.

Executing efficient and effective music campaigns for both established and emerging talent is our specialty. We pride ourselves on building engaging music campaigns for artists and live events.


EP & Album Release & Promotion


Singles, Remixes & Feature Releases


National & Regional Tour Press


Awards Campaigns


Industry Events & Community Outreach


Social Media Strategies


Creative Targeted Opportunities 

Talent Representation.

We have extensive experience understanding every aspect of identity, and the larger picture associated with integrity and fame in the industry.


Talent Brand Development


Television Campaigns


Tour/Film Support


Awards Campaigns


Red Carpet Events


Endorsement Activation

Digital Talent & Influencers.

Our talent are trendsetters with some of the largest and most loyal online followings in world. In order propel their careers forward we involve our clients in cultural conversations within pop culture thus producing evergreen content. This can only be achieved by creating the most authentic connection between traditional and digital media using our unique and long-standing expertise. 


Traditional & Digital Press


Industry Events & Community Outreach


Build National & International Media Profile to Maximize Brand Recognition


Campaign Management 


Media Partnerships and Brand Deals