At Heliotype Creative, we stand as an independent entertainment, music, and influencer talent agency with a dual presence in Los Angeles and Chicago. Established in 2019, our founding partners, armed with a decade of industry expertise, swiftly garnered acclaim for upholding our core values. These principles revolve around the delivery of dynamic press campaigns and the innovation of marketing strategies tailored for diverse media landscapes, including print, online, broadcast, radio, and digital platforms.

At our agency, we embrace the privilege of representing a diverse range of talent. Through collaborative efforts with our clients, we meticulously tailor press campaigns to address their distinct needs. Committed to unwavering standards of integrity and diligence, we navigate the dynamic press landscape, encompassing earned, shared, and paid media. Our mission extends beyond conventional approaches; we aim to spark meaningful conversations, heighten awareness, shape consumer perceptions, and, when necessary, prompt urgent calls-to-action. Our pride stems from a proven history of success for our clients.

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