Our Narrative.

Our journey began with a vision to revolutionize talent representation, storytelling, and experiences. Founded by industry veterans, we excel in delivering dynamic press campaigns and cutting-edge marketing strategies across various media platforms. Our core values drive us to build unique brand stories, connect with tastemakers, and navigate change with proactive strategies. Our goal is to transition emerging talent into modern conversations through creative and innovative press campaigns. In the fast-evolving media landscape, we stand as pillars of integrity and diligence, driven by an unbridled love for pop culture. We pride ourselves upon our strong press relationships, our forward-thinking strategy, and our ability to build a unique story. 


Our Work.

At Heliotype Creative, we break free from the conventional mold of a music and entertainment talent agency. We are the masterminds behind extraordinary moments and the instigators of innovation. Immersed in the vibrant rhythm of Los Angeles, we took the stage in 2019, carrying a decade’s worth of collective industry wisdom. What truly sets us apart is our identity as more than mere publicists; we are collaborative architects, intricately working alongside our clients to sculpt narratives that not only resonate but elevate. In a world defined by perpetual change, we shatter the concept of a ‘standard way.’ Instead, we navigate the entire paid, earned, shared, and owned media spectrum, consistently offering creative solutions to intricate challenges, and continually establishing new benchmarks with every venture. 


Marissa Mooney

Founder & Publicist

A Southern California Native, Marissa prides herself on her bold and innovative strategic campaigns for brands, companies, films, and talent. While studying journalism and public relations at California State University, San Bernardino, it was there that she discovered her love for branding and publicity. After graduating CSUSB, she began to grow her own roster of unique forward-thinking clients. She currently represents brands, film and television actors, both up-and-coming and established, as well as evolving musicians and artists. She has led campaigns for film releases, book tours, artist tours, release strategy campaigns, and has successfully led awards campaigns.


Ashley Partin

Partner, Publicist

For more than a decade, Ashley J. Partin honed her expertise, meticulously cultivating a stellar reputation as a visionary in the realm of press campaigns. Specializing in crafting innovative and dynamic strategies, she is known for her ability to catapult emerging talents into the limelight, earning them well-deserved recognition as media darlings. Throughout her career, Ashley has been the driving force behind noteworthy press initiatives, working with actors, musicians, influencers, and a diverse array of below-the-line talents. She has not only successfully propelled new talents into the mainstream press but has also orchestrated impactful talent campaigns for esteemed awards like the Emmy, Oscars, and Grammys. Ashley earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations from Longwood University. In 2020, she became a valued partner at Heliotype Creative, adding her wealth of experience to the team.


Monica Rosales


A devoted Publicist from Southern California, Monica began her journey in public relations while studying communications at CSUSB. Fueled by her passion for the field and with her determination to learn the industry from the ground up, Monica focused on working closely with emerging talent, spanning from film and television. Her skills swiftly flourished, leading her to a role at one of LA’s oldest and most esteemed agencies, BWR PR, where she honed her expertise in social media and influencer relations while collaborating with top talent and brands. Now, returning to her roots in boutique PR, Monica has taken pride in fostering the growth of rising talents through innovative and dynamic campaigns, catapulting brand presence to the next level.